Download DTI Tool and firmware:

CAN Tool Version Tool Version Compatible firmware version Release note
3.2 4.11 - Modified IDs for commands on CAN2. (HV-500 CAN manual v2.1)
- Duty less than zero bug fixed on CAN2.
0.92 (Beta) 4.1 - Adjustable extended or standard ID.
- CAN2 protocol changed (HV-500 CAN manual v2.0).
0.91 (Beta) 3.1 4.0 - The previous CAN1 commands are available on CAN2 output. This port allows for easy diagnostics and controlling.
- On the CAN1 port available is a custom protocol. This port can be used for firmware upgrades and sommunication with the new graphical interface.
2.6 3.32 - Safety improvements
3.31 - Analog inputs control modes inproved
3.3 - Double redundant analog inputs. Selectable encoder index waiting method.
3.24 - Hardware upgrade for higher input voltage (800V).
3.23 - New DTI Resolver interface protocol.
2.52 3.22 - Adresses an issue that causes some users unable to connect to the inverter after writing a configuration.
2.51 3.21 - Improved CAN Communication.
2.5 3.20 - CAN communication bug fixed. Firmware upgrade requires DTI CAN Tool device and FWU Tool software.*
2.4 3.12 - First published version.

Download FWU Tool:

* Firmware version 3.2 and higher is compatible with the FWU Tool which can be used to test CAN 2 and update the firmware.
FWU Tool Version Release note
1.21 CAN Tester change based on HV-500 CAN manual v2.1.
1.2 The CAN Tester function is compatible with the new CAN2 protocol (HV-500 CAN manual v2.1).
1.1 First released version.
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